Arabicum question

jandey1(TX8)November 8, 2012

A friend gave me some obesum and arabicum seedlings this summer--thanks, E!--and I've noticed the leaves on two of the four arabicums are very fuzzy on the underside. One seedling is somewhat fuzzy, and the last one is not fuzzy at all. The leaf shape is the same for all of them and they're all a matte-finish, unlike the shinier obesums.

Anyone know if the not-fuzzy leaf is indicative of a cross, or maybe a stray obesum?



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Hi Jen,
With some of my Arabicums and Thai Soco seedlings the leaves are a duller green (almost a grey/green). Obesum leaves are all fairly similar color and appearance, other than leaf shape.
When you say fuzzy. Do you mean somewhat hairy feeling or a fuzzy color?
Some of the Adeniums do have a hairy (fine brassily leaf surface).

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Rick, the undersides of the newer leaves on a few of them are fuzzy-feeling. The color is, as you say, lighter grayish green on all of them. You're right that the obesums are pretty consistent in color, though the leaf shapes vary widely.

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