Crown of thorns grafted with desert rose plant.

ltran54(9)November 9, 2012

Look at this listing. The seller think that we pick money out of a tree.

The DR probably a cutting without caudex. The shipping, cost an arm and a leg.

But it is an idea for us to experiment next year. Copy and paste if the link doesn't work.

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The picture is too blurry to tell if it's really a growing graft, or if the c.o.t. cutting is just stuck in there.

Here's a direct link - see if you can tell:

Here is a link that might be useful: Adenium grafted to Crown of Thorns

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I wonder if that's really a healed graft? For all I know they could have stuck a few COT cuttings to the DR and wrapped them. I'd like to see if there's really a healed scar. As for the outrageous shipping, what a joke. This person has only sold 1 item in the past and all their feedback is as a buyer.

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