Request Photo's - 1yr. Old seedlings

rcharles_gw(8a.)November 25, 2012

I have a request if anyone could post photo's of Adenium seedlings that are around a year old to date.

Just interested to see growth rate of seedlings raised in different climates and conditions given.

Hopefully others would find it useful and of interest?


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These are all between 12-16 months. As an experiment I cut the first 2 back a couple times starting when they were really little, just a couple sets of true leaves, to see how they developed. The last time they were pruned was about a month ago. I usually wait at least a year to trim them back and only prune once until they've really put on some size. All of these are short. The one that wasn't pruned is the tallest and is only about 4". Likely because it was severely neglected. I had forgotten about it and found it a few months ago in terrible shape, still in a shallow seed tray. Who knows how much water it received and it had never been fertilized. It's improved but appears stunted. The pruned ones are butt ugly now. I don't know if I'll like them any more later or not but I'll stick to the first pruning when they are older.

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Tracy33183(FL 10)

I have several growing from seed this year around Feb/March. These are the better bunch. One flowered this week! I'll post it separately. I'm a proud mom!

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Wow...Tracy, those seedlings look great....fat caudexes already.

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Tracy33183(FL 10)

Marie, Thank you!

As I scan my photo I see that most of these have a popsicle. That means they are white and where sowed in May. :0).

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Hi Rick--

I started these plants at the end of November last year. All of them are between 5"-6" tall (also, please ignore their scraggly, semi-defoliated appearance; they are dormant for the winter!)

--Jordan (WonderWeasel)

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Tracy33183(FL 10)

Hi Jordan,
You have really nice seedlings there. Congrats!

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Those are very nice seedlings. Hopefully they will show there true colors for you this next year.

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I'm hoping I'll get a bloom this year. I have one I started two years ago, and it looks like it's getting close.

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