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bouldergrowerNovember 28, 2013

I am tired of searching for an answer so I will try this forum. I buy unusual, inexpensive house plants on eBay and this summer I bought three Adenium seedlings from a seller in Lithuania just out of curiosity...Blood diamond, Purple doxon, and Wonderful star. I grew them outside and nights start to get cool at 5000 ft altitude in Colorado in late August - early September. Some leaves started to curl up and fall off so I put them in the west window of my garage.

Then I decided the upstairs south window gets full, intense sun all day so I cut the tops back and moved them upstairs. Then I bought Luangpaumsap, Hongyok, and Tongsiam seedlings from a seller in Florida that looked much nicer than the ones from Lithuania.

The three I pruned are starting to leaf out.

Surely these plants needn't sit in the garage from the first of September until the middle of June?

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They should not have to sit in the garage that long.
The growing temperatures is all relative to the night and daytime temperatures. Base it on your evening temperatures. If your evening temperatures are at say 70 - 90+ then keep them well watered ( as long as they are in a good "Gritty Mix", free draining) . Once your evening temperatures are lower at either end, sping or fall (60 & lower) then particular attention needs to be taken as to how much you water.
Cold and moist/wet during temperatures lower than 60F could cause issues with root rot.
I keep mine inside with good light and they do well.
Combination of lower light levels and cool temperatures can start onset of dormancy. Which is not a bad thing.


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Evening temperatures inside or out are almost never in the 70 to 90 deg F range. My home thermostat is set to 55 deg F after 10 pm when the heat is on in the winter.

The new plants are in a Miracle-Gro potting mix for Cactus, Palms, and Citrus. The little ones are in Miracle-Gro Orchid mix. These mixes are not gritty but they drain fast. They get watered once a week along with my orchids and other plants.

I will just see how they do in the window in the winter and outside in the summer. If they don't like it I can always try something else.

I should probably add that we have 300 days a year with at least one hour of sunshine...about the same or a little more than Flagstaff, Arizona.

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Do you know what temps you get on this windowsill? I mean real temps, considering sun during day and cold large glass surface at night. If you water dormant plants weekly, you are asking for trouble, unless you house is very dry from heating. You can keep them on the window dormant or away from sun and light at all, just water a little once a month until you see growth. Even for ones with leaves, with such low temperature at night I would water only when really dry. In my opinion, MG soil is way to wet for DR, they like it way more porous than this. Look for gritty mix recipe on this forum if you plan to keep them happy! Another issue is pruning, I would not prune before spring, you need actively growing strong plant, to heal and send new growth.

Happy growing!

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terrypy(8 East TX)

I have had desert rose for several years. I find them to be very easy to grow; however admit I've never started with seedlings. During the summer I put the pots out in FULL sun (these are in 10"+ pots), seedlings cannot do the full hot Texas sun and need filtered sunlight. During the winter (as soon as temps are below 45) I bring the pots inside and set them in front of a west window. They go dormant (loose all leaves) and I basically stop watering them (again this is for larger plants not seedlings which would need some water). As soon as the temps are above 45 I put them outside and water. Never water till they are in their growing phase which for this size is when I put them outside. This is a good care sheet for adeniums

Here is a link that might be useful: Adenium care sheet

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Average date of last frost here is May 3 and average date of first frost is Sept 12 so basically the plants would be in the west window of the garage for nearly 8 months of the year. So, I plan to grow them inside and keep them as small as possible. My windows are all double pane and I suppose if the outside temperatures get near zero I can move them away from the window. They can go outside in the summer.

Surely, in Thailand or in a greenhouse, these plants don't loose their leaves and sit around looking like skeletons for months on end.

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Thanks for the link. I found what I was looking for:

"Under some conditions, Adeniums can be grown indoors, but only in rooms that have a multitude of windows (and preferably a skylight) with extremely bright light and good air movement. It is also recommended that the container be periodically rotated to prevent one-sided growth. If grown indoors, the plant probably wonâÂÂt go dormant in the fall unless water is withheld."

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I noticed a root emerging from the plant in the colorful square pot so I decided to repot it into a deeper pot. The potting mix was dark and damp and full of roots visible on the outside edges of the root ball. I checked the other two pots with much more drainage. The potting mix was somewhat dry with no visible roots so all three of the larger plants are now in 3.5 in. diam by 5 in. deep foam drink cups with four holes pinched in the bottom rim. The plants also got pruned.

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The Colorado winter sun is pretty intense.

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These plants kept getting brown leaf tips this spring/summer. Roots were healthy, stems firm, etc.

I finally dumped them in the trash because they just weren't worth messing with.

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BoulderGrower, please send them to me, I will pay for postage.....

I will take good care of them for you.


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kodom087 z9a

Oh no! Sorry you were having such issues with them.


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I dug them out of the trash, rode out on the bike path, and gathered up some sharp sand and fine gravel left over from last September's flood. Made a potting mix of equal parts of those two and my commercial cactus-palm potting mix and put them all in a small pot with three large drain holes. The brown leaf tips were cut off. They get direct morning sun and a nearby tree shades them after about noon. Also, they are getting watered every three days.

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They are looking good now....I hope they like their new home and grow fat for you.


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I really don't think I live in good DR country for sure. Last year I kept them outside all summer, but the night temps get in the low 50s here and I didn't have nice leaves or any flowers on any of my DRs.

This year I was moving my big guy in and out and the flower buds kept falling off so I got tired of that and it is back to living in my sunroom. Still don't have a lot of leaves, but at least it's blooming. And the flowers last pretty long so that's a plus. This is just a Lowes plant.

But I have a double yellow that is always on the verge of blooming so I can't give up until I see that. It has started to form buds again. It has enough time before fall and I'm not going anywhere so I'm hopeful.

These guys may be looking for a new home very soon--they take up valuable Echinopsis hybrid real estate :-).

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My rescued plants are doing fairly well. I finally decided to take a photo every ten days to check on their growth so I could cut back on watering if they seemed to be going dormant as some of the many adenium sources predict. Well, they are still growing.

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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)

BoulderGrower, it is so wonderful to have you check back in and provide a report on how your plants are doing.

It has been a very tough summer for adeniums here. The temperatures have been very cool. So, I took all my plants and placed them in my greenhouse kept all the doors closed allowing the temperatures to climb to 90's + and I have finally seen some growth and the plants that were newly purchased this summer finally are putting on leaves. UGH!

What a crazy year.

Thank you for the update. Glad your plants are still doing well.

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