Desert rose dormancy question.

slopfrogNovember 17, 2012

I have several desert roses in cactus potting mix in terra cotta pots on the north side of my house. I have not watered since the temperatures at night have dropped into the low sixties and highs are about 80. So maybe two weeks now.

The sun has dropped low enough in the past week or so to put the plants into shadow for quite a few hours each day. They still get 6 hours or so though. Since then, the leaves have turned yellow and falling off, like if the plant were rotting.

Are these plants partially deciduous or dormant in the winter? If so, maybe the house shadow falling on them all the sudden is to blame. If I just move them to the south facing backyard where they will get PLENTY of light, will they wake back up? Thanks.

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These plants will go dormant in the winter. The foliage drops but the caudex and stems should remain firm. I'm in zone 7a and most of my DR's are now dormant. A couple are still blooming in the GH but even most of the plants I moved indoors are dormant. I water very little while dormant, if at all. Not sure if you have enough daylight hours to bring them out of dormancy or if they'll wait to wake up when the day lengthens in your zone. I begin watering again in the early spring and put them back outside the end of May.

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