New Adenium question

macknkssNovember 19, 2012

Hello, I bought this little adenium off ebay that was delivered 10 days ago. I repotted into gritty mix immediately and it was looking pretty good considering it was in a UPS truck for a week. I watered for the first time a week after repotting and now, 3 days later, the leaves are turning brown. The bulb also feels a little squishy and soft.

I'm in Sacramento CA and the last couple weeks have been about half sunny and half cloudy. It's in a south facing window that gets a lot of light.

I know nothing about these plants other than what I've read off these forums. I have a feeling I should have left it in the cup it came in and waited to repot, but too late now!



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In case you're wondering the adenium is about 5" tall. Looks much bigger in the pic I posted.

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I am no expert Mark. Looks like the leaves are yellowing/brown from the base of each branch?
I would keep it in low light until it is established in new pot.
I am told when they ship them that it causes a great amount of stress on them. They are usually shipped bare root with no soil and the leaves removed to lessen the stress on plant also for pest issues.
Your procedure of repotting sounds good and watering after 4-5 days from repotting is good.
Is the caudex pliably soft or mushy. Pliably soft is fine, but they usually firm up shortly after watering.
If it loses it's leaves and the caudex and branches remain green it should be fine. They usually go dormant in winter and shed leaves.
I believe that a lot of what is happening is due to transit.
Shipping this time of year is not considered a good idea as they will not survive with too many lower temps.
I am sure you will get more assistance.

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Mack, as long as the caudex still firm you are okay. Sometimes the plant react after the move. But your little guy still okay.

Rick, you gave good advice.


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Thank's for the help and advice. I'm going to move it to a place where it only gets indirect light for now until it recovers.

The caudex is still somewhat pliable although a little soft. Thanks again Rick and Marie! I am learning a lot from you and these forums.

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