My DR feels Soft when push

jlgarden(8)November 24, 2012

Hi everyone, I visit this forum almost ever day since this forum begin and also thanks to Greenclaws who made the forum happened. I enjoy reading every things here. This is my first post and hope all of you can sovle my DR problem.

My other DR and all the seedlings are firm like rock when push with a finger except this one. I thought this might be lacking of wather. Because of the low temp, I did not give them any water more then a week. 3 days ago, I gave them a drink and hope the base of this one will turn firm if this was just a dehydration symptoms. But still no improvement. So I took it out of the pot and look for any rot. Roots look fine, no brown spots. The area in the circle seem to be softer them the rest. Is it posible there is root rotted inside and no symptom from the outside?

The softness is more like when we feeling an almosr ripe avocado.

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Jlgarden, your DR looks fine, roots system is very healthy, and your mix is good too. Put it back and wait until next spring.
Many of my DR are the same, the caudexes are soft like ripe avocado, but they are okay.

Don't worry too much.

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Thanks Marie, I was going to cut a small piece off the area inside the circle to look for any rot. I better not. May I ask how do you care for your plants during winter. I want to find an easy way. Not for just a few plants I have now, but incase I do have as many plants as you have. My experience with DR the pass 2 years was that they can grow fast in the summer if we feed, water and give lot of sun. They don't mind the 100F heat at all. In the winter they do nothing but looking for a change to rot. I lost one last winter.
I have thought of treating it like bulbs. I don't know this will work. May be I will try with this plant this winter.

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I move my DR inside garage whenever the weather is about 33 or below. One light 24/7 and take them outside again whenever the weather warm enough.
I don't use any heat, or special lights.

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Mark, welcome! Your DR looks absolutely perfect, very healthy! Is it an arabicum?

Marie knows best around here, and if she says that's normal for this time of year, then don't worry. The air is so dry right now I find a watering won't always plump my plants back up, especially if it's cold, too.

Btw, I'm also in Austin and a few of us have a club for plumeria, but most of us grow DRs, too.


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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hello Mark and welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy it and I'm sure you will get lots of good info from the growers who participte here.
Your plant looks lovely and healthy with so many roots. I hope that the soft spot is not too serious. They often go through a period of being a little softer but recover quickly in most cases.
I too would guess at it being an Arabicum of some type as it has a squat caudex with low branches, typical of the Arabicums.
I have 3 types, obesums, arabicums and somalense that I have grown from seed. I am not a DR expert but have picked up on tips originally from the plumeria/cactus and succ' forum and felt it would be good to have a dedicated forum of our own....the rest is history as the saying goes!
Gill from the UK.

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Thanks Jen & Jill. I bought 2 plants from a local vedor and one from Ebay last spring. This one is one of the two. He said they were 3 years old Obesum. The are seedlings and this one has a name tag say "Taiwan Red". I also plant a few DR seedlings that are almost 2 years now and one NOID plumeria from Box store this spring.
I left that DR in the garage for a few days without any soil covered the root. Yesterday I went to check it and the thing was realy soft. All the green areas were ok but the white areas were very soft. I put it back into the pot and cover with soil. Gave it lot of water. The weather is going to be very warm the next few days. Hope this will help it recover. If the plant does not improve the next few weeks, I will slice a small piece from the white area off to see if there is any rot inside.

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Hello! My DR was doing great in it's dormancy period outside here in AZ. However, while we were out of town we had a huge rainstorm for three days. The plants got soaked. I have left them dry ever since, but they both exhibit softness and a wrinkled look on some of the branches. One branch fell off when I pinched it. I left them inside (still no water) for about three weeks. Now I moved them out in front with sun most of the day and gave them a drink, then another with fertilizer. Questions: how often do I water? Should I prune off the withery, soft branches? The caudex feels firm and still looks good. Thanks!

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kodom087 z9a

Hello, Tashain.

I wouldn't water them too often until you start seeing new growth. Then slowly increase watering allowing it to slightly dry in between. The hotter the temps the more frequent you can water as long as the soil is a good fast draining mix.

When you pinched the branch was it soft and mushy or kind of dry and leathery feeling? If mushy I'd cut the stem and if you see brown mushy rot then clean knife and cut further until you only see white tissue. If it is dry and leathery feeling I'd leave the stem for a bit as the DR will self heal and eventually when you bend the dried part it'll just kind of peel or snap off cleanly revealing the healed area just fine. Of course there's no harm in pruning off some of the withery branches just to be safe. As long as your caudex feels firm (as well as the roots) I wouldn't worry too much at all.


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