Any correlation between flower color and seedling stem color?

summersunlight(5b)November 9, 2012

The variation in seedlings is very interesting. Some are tall, some short, some thicker and some thinner.

Some have lighter stem/caudex areas while others are more strongly green. Has anyone noticed if how pigmented the stem of an adenium seedling is has any prediction of what color the eventual flowers will be?

I know that in Clivia you can sometimes get an idea of if the flower will be orange vs. yellow from how pigmented the base of the plant is.

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There was mention from a few growers that seedlings that retain a green stem will possibly be white, but it is not a documented fact.
Many of the seedlings I have are still quite green and they are a year old. If I go by what color they are supposed to be (by pod parent) it should not be green. This is all out the window sort to speak as the seeds will not come true necessarily to parent plants.
I guess I will have to wait and see with mine.

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