adenium arabicum tiny rediish bugs & web

TashainGoodyearDecember 20, 2012

I am new to growing adeniums. I woke up today and the plant was wound around top to bottom with a web. There are teenie red spiders (I think) all over it. I got them all off, but tonight I see they are coming back. Freeze warning here in Goodyear tonight so it must remain indoors. What are these bugs - spiders? And what should I do to get rid of them? Help. I really want to learn how to grow these plants!

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Sounds like a spider mite infestation. Washing your plant well, especially the undersides of the foliage with isopropol alcohol diluted in water with a few drops of liquid soap added should get rid of them. I'd also mist your plant with water fairly often as spider mites thrive in dry conditions. Another washing with the diluted alcohol might be necessary a couple more times about a week apart. You can also use an insectide/miticide if you choose. Check any nearby plants as the spider mites spread from plant to plant.

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