Going to TPIE in Jan

karyn1(7a)December 20, 2012

I'm tagging along with DH to the TPIE in Jan and hope I find some interesting adeniums. I was looking thru the exhibitors and a number have adeniums listed so I'm hopeful. I didn't recognize any of the names and they don't go into any detail about what types of adeniums they are going to be displaying but it's a big, well attended show and I'd think they would be displaying their nicest specimens. I'm also hoping to find some other interesting "fat plants" but am not as optimistic about that. I saw some pachys listed but that's about it. I haven't been to a TPIE show in several years but the displays are focused mainly on tropical foliage and flowering plants. It's still a great show and I can usually talk DH into buying from companies that I think have interesting plants.

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What is the TPIE show Karyn and where does it take place?
Sounds like you will have a good time.

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TPIE is the Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition trade show. It's in Ft Lauderdale, FL the end of Jan. It's not open to the public but I would imagine if you know someone in the wholesale/retail plant or floral busines or a landscape business they could get you in. It's one of the nicer trade shows in the states but nothing compared to the shows I've attended in Holland.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

ill be ready... pick me up on the way!!! LOL..

Have fun Karyn!!! Please take lots of pics!!

Have a great time!!!


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With the weather down here compared to what's going on at home I might just stay in West Palm and have Bruce meet me in Ft Lauderdale the end of Jan. Snow, ice and cold in DC. Warm and sunny here. I dread going back to the cold but I have to, at least for a couple weeks. I might stay another week after Bruce and the kids go home but I can't really extend my stay longer then that : (

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You should look up Lucky Sumo Nursery when in Florida. May not be in a convenient location as to yours.
Robert, who owns the nursery is an active member with the Adenium Society. He is a hybridizer and specializes in Bonsai's. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Would be good conversation if nothing else.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


Hi Rick!!!

Sorry to butt in, but where is Robert located?

I would love to visit his place!!!

Thanks for any info!!!


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Not butting in at all Laura. Robert has been very helpful to me and I wish I lived closer.
Will try to add this link.

LUCKY SUMO ADENIUMS13231 Old Sheridan Street
Southwest Ranches, Florida 33330
(954) 850-4569Lucky Sumo Adeniums.

About Us
Lucky Sumo Adeniums is located in a rural community in Southeast Florida west of Fort Lauderdale. Established by husband and wife team, Robert and Angie McKee, they devote extensive effort to expand the knowledge of growing Adenium and to allow all the world to appreciate this unique flowering tropical plant. Robert is the breeder and grower with over 30 years of horticultural training and formal education. Angie is responsible for marketing and coordination of the business enterprise. Together they form a unique team with extensive knowledge about this newly developing plant. They are excited to bring your living sculpture into your life.

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That's actually fairly close to where I am but I'm not sure I'll have the time to go. I'll only be in West Palm until Wed., and then am headed to Port St Lucie, about an hour north. Maybe I can visit when I'm back at the end of Jan. Thanks for the info. BTW Southwest Ranches isn't nearly as rural as it used to be. There's quite a bit of development there in the past 10 years. Some really nice homes. Bruce and I were looking at properties in that area.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Thank YOU Rick!!

great info.. i just wished i lived closer to Florida..

Karyn, had to laugh after i was thinking that i wished you had one of those "Go Pro" Cameras on you like my son wears when snowboarding.. then we could all have a great tour of all the exciting places you are visiting in FLA!!

I would love to visit TPIE and Lucky Sumo...

sounds like so much fun!!

Please take pics for us!!

Be safe and Happy New Year!!!


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I don't do anything terribly exciting when I'm down here. I just want to stay warm. My day usually consists of grabbing a book and a towel and heading to the beach or pool. lol

I must admit those Go Pro cameras are pretty cool. My son and his friends do stupid things like ride bikes off a bridge from the back of a pick up. Then they post it on Youtube. They see who can be the biggest idiot IMO.

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