Dormant adeniums

bgp_123December 5, 2013

After seeing posts that stated that most adeniums should be dormant now I checked mine and had only three (Out of 48) that had lost their leaves. Some had started to lose a few leaves but most were still "fully leaved" and a few starting to bloom or still blooming. They are all in a greenhouse now and about half stay inside year round with the other half kept outside during warmer weather.

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ginger9899(10 SW Florida)

Where are you located and what are your temps? I'm in Florida and some leaves of mine seem to start yellowing and fall off more this time of year, but not go dormant. I water less, but still fairly regularly through winter and just bring them inside when the nights are much below 50 degrees F and they get taken out if day temps are good enough. Are your greenhouse temps much warmer than outside?


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

They are like kids... Mine are half dormant and the other half aren't listening!!! HA!!!

Go figure. They have their owns minds.. Lol

Take care ,


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I am in west central Texas (Zone 7) where it is awfully hot and dry in the summer. My adeniums would not last a week if I placed them in the full sun as I so often hear is the norm. A little morning sun is about all they can take. I keep about half of them in the greenhouse all year.The thermostat is set at 50 in the winter and 80 in the summer. This seems to work for me. And Laura, you are so right. They certainly do their own thing!


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I have to disagree with you on the full sun thing. I live in Las Vegas, NV and mine are in full all day everyday. The temps here are regularly 100-105+ with absolutely no humidity. You just have to watch them and make sure you water them when they are dry. When I first moved mine into full sun I struggled with it because everyone(nurseries around Las Vegas) told they would burn up but I decided to believe my research. I read posts on GW and researched on the net. And when I moved them; they dropped almost all of their leaves but then it quit dropping and started ejecting leaves like mad. I didn't acculmate my plants to full sun I just threw them out there. That's why they dropped their leaves. I would suggest acclimating yours but they should do fine in full sun and love you for it.

I just brought a couple into my garage since my temps have been dropping into the high 20's. Once it consistently warms back up into the 30s I will move them back outside. I'm also in the process of building a mini greenhouse so I can leave them outside all year round. I would also like to add my DR's that have leaves have not started dropping them. Which I find kinda odd with the cold temps.

Just MHO,
I've only been growing DR's for less than one season. But whatever I've been doing seems to be working. Except for a couple of the seedlings I bought off of EBay. "Over Fertilized Them"

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JR, You are proably right about this but since I am an addict and have so many (Plus pachypodiums and a host of other caudiciforms) it is too difficult to keep moving them in and out. Also when you are living i a house you built 49 years ago and planted a lot of trees on the then barren landscape you have a lot more shade than sun. This to is a mixed bessing.
Oops, the addiction is to caudiciforms!

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