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meviva(9)December 7, 2012

HELP!! My adenium has lost all its leaves. At first the new leaves were coming wavy....then they all turned brown. I had them in direct Arizona sun and I thought they were sunburned. Then I think I over watered it. It's been over a week since I watered and the moisture meter still indicates wet. The caudex is firm. Will the leaves grow back? Do I need to cut the branches to encourage new growth? This is my first adenium so I don't have much experience.

Thank you,

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Andrea, welcome to the forum.
Your DR's caudex is still firm....you good.
No cutting branches now, not until spring....leaves will grow back.
Only cut down water.

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Just leave it alone. It's gone into dormancy which is normal this time of year. Like Marie said don't cut it and water it sparingly, maybe once every few weeks, if that, until the foliage resumes growing. It doesn't need light but it still needs to be kept warm.

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Thank you to both of you. I was really worried that I killed it.


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Many reasons for the sudden drop of many leaves. One of which is applying too much fertilizer that is causing some form of rot.

If I can list it out. Basically there are two phases of rot. The first is when the root reactively dries up from too much fertilizer followed by root rot. And the second and final phase of which is when the root rot spreads to the caudex and and cause it to rot.

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