Is this a disease?

jalilu(Sunset Zone 23/24)December 27, 2012


My DR caudex, purchased last June, is not looking good. Could it due to excess of rain? I also noticed a sort of spider web at the base of leaves (red spiders?). These were turning yellow. I treated that with a mix of biological soap, methanol and sunflower oil.

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It's clearly evident that the base of the stem is partly rotted. When was this picture taken? Seems like the plant is in the sun, which is a good thing. Is the plant actively growing? If it is, there's nothing to worry as I believe it's on it's way to recovery. But if it's not then I would recommend that you take the plant out of the pot and wash off all the soil from the root and hang it up to dry for about two weeks. There after make sure the rotted part is clean and dry before potting it up again.

Hope this helps.

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jalilu(Sunset Zone 23/24)

Thank you for your reply Tolip. The picture was taken yesterday. There are still some green leaves. I am not expecting much growth in this season because the temperatures are in the 50-68 range. Maybe too much rain caused the caudex to rot. Since then, I moved the plant to a place more protected from the rain.

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