OT but....such sad news from Eastern US school

greenclaws UKzone8aDecember 14, 2012

I am so upset I write this with a huge lump in my throat as I hear details of yet another school tradgedy coming through on our news reports today. My heart goes out to the children/families/staff involved. As a mother and grandma I cannot begin to try and understand how they must be feeling at such a time as this. It is awful, truly awful.
Gill from the UK.

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haworthia(8 Virginia Beach)

I'm so sad and lost for words also. My thoughts and prayers are with the children, school staff and families. How awful, terrible and tragic . I'm lost for words. I look at my 2 year old and shake my head..I can't imagine this at all..how senseless!


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I can't believed it either. How sad, God Bless these families this time. I'm lost for words too.
Terrible.....just to think of it.

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It's simply impossible to comprehend this happening. I was in tears thinking about it all afternoon. It just makes me feel even more strongly about gun control. Why in the world should someone be able to purchase an assault weapon or even a handgun? The only people that should have these weapons are the police and military personnel. I don't hunt but I don't have an issue with hunting rifles. You certainly don't need an automatic weapon to shoot a duck or a deer.The guns were registered to the shooters mother. WTF did she need these weapons for and to have them accessible to her son that was mentally unstable is criminal IMO. I don't believe that there were no indications of mental instability in this young man before this morning. People interviewed even said that he was always an "odd duck", very bright but a loner. Sounds like most of the others that have committed this sort of crime.

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Bring back the electric chair. And turn him into some NPK. Sorry I'm angry too.

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