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greenclaws UKzone8aDecember 10, 2013

Hello John, I'm not sure exactly who you are as you gave no user-name, and apologies if I have forgotten who you are, but 'Hi' nonetheless!!

I got your msg via Gweb but was unable to reply direct as it originated through the gweb system, not via your 'proper' email address so I have no other way of responding other than here.

I wasn't aware that your pictures were being offered for sale as prints elsewhere on the internet, I presume without your permission? How would I know that fact? Have they been copied from your posts on here do you mean? The forum was made aware that the main header picture (belonging to a forum member) has been used as an illustration for a seed/plant sale. The member concerned was informed and as far as I know, was OK with that. Your's is a different matter obviously as money is being gained directly from your pictures.

This is an issue that you need to take up with the site concerned. You don't say that you have already done this. I wouldn't have thought it was Gweb who are at fault, and it most certainly isn't anything to do with me either! I merely asked Gweb to set this forum up and have nothing to do with the way it is run etc.

It would seem that your pics are good ones (else why should another site want to use them for profit?), so perhaps you should have watermarked them to prevent someone from using them elsewhere?? I hope you resolve the issue :)

Apologies to forum members for this thread but I had no other way to reply.
Gill UK.

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Just writing here to get it moved down from the top of the list.
Thanks John for contacting me with your email address.
Gill UK

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