O, well.

fakechuchi(7)December 20, 2013

As some of you know, this was my favorite of my big adeniums (ominous use of past tense there).

It so statuesque, like Katharine Hepburn or someone awesome like that.

Well. I'm not naming names but someone left it out too long in the cold. So this happened:

Up close:

I had to do a radical amputation, in the hope it can still be saved. From the looks of it, I think it is frost death. I have another plant hibernating in the garage (unheated) and I can't even look!

Here it is now, I'm not holding my breath but maybe it will bounce back.

O, well.

I need some advise, you guys. Here is my plan: give it two weeks to show some sign of life (is this enough time?) and if it appears to be dying, I will try and graft it onto one of my yearlings. The odds are iffy,at best. But even if it fails, I'll learn it doesn't work. However I'd appreciate suggestions on how to at least load the dice towards success.

Thanks, as usual!

In other news, I have a unique tree ornament.

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It is so sad to see your elegant plant fallen to the cold.
I have just rescued one of mine it was due to over watering and i cut it across the base and left it with no roots i then placed it in the sun to dry out , now re potted it looks OK with many new leaves shooting out.
This is what i would do take it out the pot cut all the decaying parts away, i notice in your pics that the left hand caudex is well rotten i would cut that out ,then wash the remainder in a sterilized solution and let dry out in a warm place, then repot and keep in a warm place .
It has worked for me I will follow later with pic when mine is fully recovered
Festive Greetings
John . Thailand.

PS other members may have different ideas.

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ginger9899(10 SW Florida)

What a horrifying thing to happen. I think something like that in some way or sort has happened to each of us at sometime or other. What can we do? Fix it the best we can and hope for the best and try not to make the same mistake if it indeed was even our own mistake. Sigh. Personally I may agree with John's advice, I know from experience how fast rot will spread, not that I'm not sure that's the same. I'm also not sure that if you wait, you should wait only wait only 2 weeks for signs of growth, especially this time of year. I've hard pruned my biggest Adenium many times this time of year and don't see signs of growth until spring often, and I'm in Florida. Just my 2 cents. If you wait watch it close for spreading. Tough call. Good luck though, my fingers are crossed for you and Hepburn!

And that new ornament is a winner ;)


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greenclaws UKzone8a

Ouch, that looks bad but I do hope you can rescue it, so good luck in your attemps to save Audrey, sorry Katharine!

What is the ear attached to...your cat maybe?
Gill UK

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Hi John, Heather and Gill!

I have already repotted Katharine before posting, actually. I looked at my yearlings and only two are maybe big enough to support the graft if it comes to that.

Right now, it's in my plant ICU, potted in pure pumice. Thank you so much for all the advise. I doubt I can wait two weeks anyway, probably after the holiday I will dig it up to see if anything is happening underneath.

Crossing all my paws!


PS That fiend in the last photo likes to dangle from the tree like a sloth for some reason.

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