First time ever Adeniums here from HD

rcharles_gwDecember 14, 2013

I was suprised to see Adeniums (3 in total) in Bonsai pots at our HD today.
Always check out plant section when in to see. Have checked for a few years now, but never seen them stocked.
Sorry, no photo.
They where in bonsai pots, with rock cemented to the soil surface and pruning job horrific. For a wonderful price of $24.95.
They where very soft and would have been questionable to purchase.
Looked for a watering jug. Not one in sight.
I am sure that even if they reduce at some point, it will still be too high a price and well on there way to untreatable.
Too bad.

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HD disappointing.

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I don't think I've ever seen Adeniums at HD. They probably would not know how to care for them

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