Something wrong, advice please!

JMN16150December 17, 2013

Hello, members, I'm new here and came for help. My adenium was outside, but the weather got really cold(I know, how dumb)! It has something wrong with it but I don't know how to treat it. It is planted in perlite to keep the base dry... The caudex is firm, but the stems aren't! I'm afraid of losing this fella:(
I cut off the stems, because they were yellow and squishy.
Any advice is appreciated! Thank You!!!

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Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of it at the moment...

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Cut all mushy parts, until you see healthy tissue. It will leak normal DR whitish sap, wait until it dries and seal with water resistant wood glue. And wait!
Was it growing in perlite before or you pulled it out of the regular mix after freezing?

Good luck, Aggie

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Thanks for responding, it wasn't in perlite; I pulled it out of its original mix to check the roots for damage. Then I would it in perlite and watered it afterwards. The caudex is now hard... but the stems look blackish where I cut it:(

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