WANTED: Mini African Violets

christine_gardenerJanuary 22, 2007

Would love to ad a Mini African Violet to my violet collection. Please look at my trade list. Thanks so much


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gaylegardener(9 Orlando, FL)

I have one miniature named Ally's Rosy baby, it has pretty pink flowers and cute little heart shaped leaves, I'll have a good digital camera in a few days here and I will be able to send you pictures, I also have one called Leprechaun's Day dream which has stayed small for a very long time even though it's in a pretty big pot, so I think it might me a semi-miniature too. I'd trade leaves with you if you'd like, I'm looking for new flower colors so if you have any light purple, white, or yellows that would be awesome.

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HI gaylegardener,
I would love to trade leaves! I have a very lovely bright white, a raspberry with white rimmed and a white and bright pink/fushia striped. I have others also but you mentioned white. i might have a light purple but I do not know what color it will be yet. my neighbor gave it to me when she moved and it is just getting ready to bloom. Please email me with your address so i can email you privately. Thanks so much


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Hello Group,
I am new to AV's and an getting addicted more each day! I have 6 so far and have already started some of the leaves in solo cups to see how I do. I would love to get some of the mini's but can't find any in my area (Virginia). I would love to do the "Leaf Swap" anyone interested? Also, I am open to any advice and tips that would help the beginner.

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