WANTED: Anyone getting a 'spring fever' for trading?

angel2008January 14, 2008

I am sitting here wondering if anyone else is getting spring fever to do a spring trade. I am putting a list of leaves and plantlets together to trade. Anyone else care to join me, if you are just send me a email with what you have and how many you would like to trade. I am thinking because of the high cost of postage we could do about 25 leaves in a trade, or if anyone is interested we could do a double up (50 leaves) trade as well. I would love to find someone who would like to trade verigated varieties for verigated as well. I have about 50 varieties of verigated plants. THINK SPRING...

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Are you talking about a round-robin kind of trade, or just a trade between yourself and another person? :3
If it's round robin, I'm in.

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Yes, I was talking about a round robin kind of trade..but it would depend upon how many would like to do it. I have been in exchanges before and its always fun and a inexpensive way to add to our collections.

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Interested in a spring trade. I lost a lot of plants due to a series of power outages in December. But should have enough survivors to do a fairly large trade. Prefer one-on-one to round robin. Working on updating my list. Have some variegated.

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YES YES YES!!! I will get together a list and email you by next week. What a great idea!!!

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Here is my list of violets I can trade. If it has a P next to it I can trade a plant if it has a L by it, I can trade a leaf! Let me know the details of the trade when they are known!

Apache War Bonnet L
Appollinaire L
Blue Tail Fly P
Feather P
Irish Flirt P
Jean-Pierre Croteau L
Lucky Lady Bug L
Lubinaya Dachka L
Modistens Drom L
Mormors Mossa L
Ness Fantasy Gold P
Operas Romeo L
Optimara Everyoung Space violet L
Optamara Susi L
Optamara Everpraise- space violet L
Optamara Maine L
Operas IL Straniero P
Playful Rainbow P
Rebels limelite P
Rebels Splatter Cake P
Robs Mad Cat L
Rococo Pink L
Robs Ooey Gooey L
Robs Smarty Pants L
Royal Wasp L
Robs Outer Orbit L
Vampire Kiss P
White Madonna P

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We will do our SPRING FLING TRADE the end of April (or the very beginning of May) weather permitting. I am keeping a folder of anyone who would like to join in on our round robin trade. You can send me a list of your trades, and be sure to mark ~if it is a leaf, starter, verigated, semi, mini, trailer, or standard. This is a great way for everyone to increase there collections, and have fun doing it, all for the cost of postage! If you want to do more then one trade (limit 2) let me know. Hoping more sign up.

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I'd love to participate. I have only 19 named varieties, but figure this will be a great way to increase my collection. Could you explain exactly how the round robin works? Emailing my list to you...

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I am new to AV. Have only 11 named varieties and 6 unnamed. Could you please explain what is round robin and how it works. Thank you!

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