have: bit early perhaps but i know i've av's to trade out

paul_(z5 MI)March 12, 2008

Hi all!

Figured it would be just as well to see what interesting trades might be out there. I'm not looking to actually mail things out until the weather warms up - about April/May

I'm interested only in small growing mini's -- in particular micro mini's AVs or streps. Since these are plants, I would like plants in return. If no you have no plants, I suppose we could discuss an alternative ... ahem... trade of green. LOL

I've posted pics of what the flowers look like. Pics of the actual plants I can take closer to actual trade time.:

Optimara Arkansas -- this is a HUGE plant [about a foot across]. A 1 for 1 trade isn't likely unless perhaps some of postage could also be done. This is a pic of the actual plant for trade.

and a little better pic of the flowers

Rob's Loose Noodle (several of these will be available)

Little Pueblo Girl (I'll have several of these too barring mishap)

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I have a couple of small minis I could send you a leaf of, but no plantlets.
Do you happen to have any streps for trade too?

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