WANTED: Violet cuttings for postage.

goatgirlaMarch 19, 2014

My grandmother had hundreds of violets with a ton of variety. I used to have plants started from many of those cuttings. But in college I ended up in a basement apartment, and too broke to create fancy artificial lighting. Eventually I gave away most of my violets, because they just weren't happy in a cave.

I finally have a house with decent lighting, but my grandmother passed away a few years ago, and her violets are gone. I am hoping some of you kind souls will send me some of your leaves, so that I might start up growing them again. The weirder the better. :)

They would be a reminder of happy memories from a family where those were too few and far between. So I would appreciate it a great deal. Thanks!

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Welcome to the Garden web page for African Violets :o)

If you do have African Violet plants for trade, you should set up your trade page.

Otherwise, there are vendors who will sell you leaves at moderate prices. For example, go to Optimara.com and click on Selective Gardener.

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AnneCecilia z5 MI

Hi Goatgirl, I'd be happy to share some leaves with you. Where are you located? I'm in northern lower Michigan, where it is still wintry and cold. Email me and we'll see what we can work out when the weather warms up a bit more (surely it has to, right?)

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