HAVE: Wanting to increase violet population!

kaitifer(7)April 2, 2008

I am looking to supplement my violet addiction. :D

I have a lot of babies in cups, and only a set of leaves for most my named varieties, but I am willing to trade. Here is what I have, and I am willing to accept any sort of violet (named or not). I just enjoy raising them and seeing the gorgeous blooms!

What I have to trade:

Five unnamed varities-- (variegated with pink semi-double/single blooms, dark leafed double pink/green tipped blooms, light green leafed fantasy pink with lots of darker purple streaks and white edges, lighter green leaf with dark purple single flower, dark leaves with red single blooms)

May be able to send some decently rooted single leaves of these varities, or smaller younger leaves-- depends on what I have available at the time:

Dean's blue bunny (Excellent plant, fast grower!)

Painted Silk (Girl foliage, haven't had any babies off this one yet)

Lively Scott (Beautiful variegation!)

Windy Day (probably not, because my plant kicked the bucket while I was on vacation, I managed to save a single leaf. :: )

Tropical Sherbert (mine are getting BIG, no blooms for me yet, though!)

Plus, I have other plants I can send cuttings of too, if anyone is interested (hoya, ivy, mint, pothos).

Feel free to hit me up! (E-mails are the best way to contact me!)

Willing to trade for cuttings or seeds of violets/streptocarpus.

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Hi I have some ready for trade.
Long legs not sure if its mini or semi. New Plant(2-leaves)
Never land dreams Plantlet
White Noid semi mini Plantlet
I'm New to all this and having Fun!!
I Prefer Named. I will Trade For Leaves.
Thank you, Theresa

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