WANTED: Mac's Jubilant Jamboree

Tammie60(9)April 16, 2013


I am looking for Mac's Jubilant Jamboree leaves or plant. I have many varieties of African violets that I can offer for trade.

Thank You!

My AV List:

Bloom's Debut-Chimera (will send sucker if available)
Blue Dragon
Buckeye Almost Royal
Buckeye Sorcerer
California Victory
Crown Jewel-Chimera (will send sucker if available)
Dancin' Devil
Evening Splendor
Greenhouse Effect-Russian
Irish Magic
Lime Jewel
Ma's Debutante
Mac's Crystal Cupid-Chimera (will send sucker if available)
Mac's Fiery Fascination-Chimera (will send sucker if available)
Mac's Just Jeff
Mac's Kup O' Kindness
Making Waves
Mystic Mermaid-Russian
Optimara Dali
Pony Ride-Chimera (trailer, will send sucker)
Pretty Miss Kelly
Pretty Miss Kelly Sport-chimera (will send sucker)
Purple Passion
Ramblin' Amethyst
Rob's Heat Wave
Rob's Loose Noodle
Rockin' Robin
Royal Rage
S. Pendula, var. Kizarae
Silverglade Shadows
Sizzlin' Romance
Solemn Promise
Teen Kiss
Winter Smiles-Russian

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There is NO Silverglade shadows. Someone couldn't read the writing on the plant marker- and made up the variety. There is a Silverglade meadows. Check the description to make sure yours is blooming true.


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