WANTED: any cuttings

Erica_AnnApril 12, 2011

I used to have tons of AVs but mine met their demise while gone on my honey moon. I will pay postage. I don't have any avs to trade but I do have a bunch of other things including houseplants. Thanks

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Hi, if you still want AV leaves or small plants or if anyone else reading this does, please let me know. I have some extra baby plants I can't get rid of locally & would like to send to someone.

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This is in response to aviolet6's posting. I would love some extra baby plants! Please let me know how to get in touch with you. I would gladly trade, if you would like.

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dkgresh I sent you an email. please email me back after you read it.

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this is to the aviolet6 post about plantlets, I sent you an email about some plantlets or leaves. Hope you can get back to me..

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I have about 20 I can share for postage. If anyone else would like to trade I would love it. Don't know the names of most, but they are pretty. I love a surprise..

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