HAVE: Willing to trade Mini's

erlyberd(Z5 CT)April 2, 2006

I'm just starting out so I can only offer leaves of Robs Mad Cat and Smoldering Pink. Both of these are semi mini's. I may have others to trade after April 23.

I'm looking for mini's or micro's only. I have one window to work with!

I have 9 different noid mini's to offer also but am not looking for anymore noids. I hope to join a club and try a show! Thanks erlyberd!

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Hi, I am willing to trade with you, those you listed are semiminiatures. I don't have any minis, but I have the following semis: Pink Mint, Winnergreen, Little Chatterbox, Kid Karla, Roll Along Pink, Snuggles Red Honey, Honey Puff, and a couple others. More than willing to trade. email me at kdarrow405@aol.com


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erlyberd(Z5 CT)

K, I sent you an email. Rik

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I have some NOID mini violets I would be glad to trade leaves of. They all are blooming profusely. Sorry no named varieties. Maybe they were once, but I lost track of them...I have other house and garden plants/seeds to offer.

Of particular interest to some of you may be my hybrid garden violet "Sparkles" it has pale lavender frosty leaves with tiny purple freckles...Reseeds like crazy, especially in between my patio bricks...(I should start all my seedlings there)...and English and American Boxwood cuttings.

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erlyberd(Z5 CT)

Thanks Olmommee but I'm not looking for more noids. If you want some of mine you can have them. I want to enter shows and such and rules are rules. Someday I'd like to have a nice list to trade with others. I have a few connections already. Just waiting for the weather to change.

Boxwoods are nice. Expensive to!

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