WANTED: Spring African Violet Swap....

debbya_gw(z4IL)April 26, 2006

I would love to host a "Spring African Violet Swap"-

Send me your HAVE/WANT list, I'll then match you up to someone who is looking for what you have. Of course I can't promise that you will receive exactly what your looking for, but I'll do the best I can!

The more that join, the better chances you will have to receive exactly what you want!

Sign up here, send your HAVE/WANT lists to Da1763@aol.com.

Some might have extra plantlets/divisions to share, so please feel free to include them in your trade box.

The box must contain at least 20-25 items, leaves/ small plants/unrooted divisions/plantlets.

Each leaf, plantlet/division/small plant counting as ONE item. Let's make it worth the priority postage! And of course, if you have any extra, please feel free to add them in your swap box! That way your making room for your NEW varieties!

Box must be sent by priority, delivery confirmation.

The deadline to sign up- May 10th.

Your swapping Pal's name/address will be emailed to you on May 13.

Date to Mail will be May 15-17th. BOX MUST BE MAILED BY MAY 17th.

Ok? Now...let the SWAPPING fun begin! This really is a great way to try new varieties (surprises), plus find homes for your extra unwanted plantlets! You never know what will be in your box! Hopefully, will be one of your MOST WANTED!

This swap is for named varieties only!


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monkychia(z9 CA)

Hi Deb,

Thank you for organizing the swap! Please sign me up. I have just emailed you my Have/Want list. :)

Looking forward to the surpirses!

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Welcome to the swap Catherine!
Thanks for sending in your list.

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I would have loved to join your swap. But i only have 3 named AV,s If you decide to do a smaller swap or if we can add other things to the box besides leaves to make up our 20-25 items please let me know. I would love to have more lovely AV's. Thanks


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You have email.

I wanted to extend the swap deadline for a few more days. I only received 2 trade lists so far. I was really wishing the swap would of did better than this. I'm surprised that more didn't want to participate! This could be so much fun! Who doesn't love surprises? Imagine opening a box filled with more violet varieties--all plants, plantlets, or leaves! Whatever you have extra of!


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Hi Deb, you obviously didn't get my email. I would love to join the swap and have lots to offer.

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Catherine- (Monkeychia) I have all your info, thanks!

Lisa- (In Idaho) need your list- name/address.
Kay- need your list- name/address.
Kbugs- I never did get your email. It must be lost in cyberspace, my email is DA1763@aol.com. I need your list/name & address.

Also, please include your garden web ID. Just in case more than one person with the same name sign up.

Let's get this going! Hopefully, more will sign up by this weekend. The swap is extended for a couple of more days to allow more to join.


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Simplylisa, send in your address, I'll trade with you.


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romando(9b/10a , sunset 17)

I have about 25-30 african violets; a swap sounds fun! About half are named, the other half noids from various sources, but it's some of the noids that ended up being my favorites! Like a few with irregular fantasy patterns and blotches-- really cool! I'm particularly looking for anything in the green/yellow/orange/coral colors, but of course, I won't be picky! And I also really like bicolors, and things with picotees or stripes or blotches or freckles.
Amanda 'romando'

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Welcome to the swap! I sent you an email. :)


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Ok, a quick update...
The swap didn't turn out as expected (not enough joined). I ended up trading with the few that signed up.

I'll try this again soon.

Thanks to the few that did join! This still can be fun!


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your package for the swap is on it's way. Confirmation number is 0304 1560 0003 0360 0577. let me know if everything arrives ok.

Lisa & Kayla

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Hi Lisa,
Your box arrived, thank you so much! I've been running a little behind in emails, sorry. My Grandmother was sick this last month, needed surgery and died. Her funeral was today, She was 87.

I did manage to send out your box on Monday 12th. USPS tracking #0305 0830 0002 4989 9613. I hope you enjoy your leaves!

I really enjoyed your box, thanks sooo much! If you want to talk by email, use my direct email. I don't check this thread often now that the swap has ended.


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i want to trade leaves for anything vareigated. i have ness's fantasy gold, moonlit snow, and 1 named violet i lost the name of.i think its pirates gold, i can't remember overwatering him, so it think that's it.

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