HAVE: senk trade anyone????

dreaminofthetropics(8-9)June 22, 2007

I have 12 Senks right now and really want to expand my senkrizon?!?!?!? If anyone has ANY of david senks plants please let me know and hopefully we can work out a leaf/plantlet trade I have both, but only leaves of some. I also would be willing to trade for TRUE mini's preferably variegated or unusual. I've just trimmed down my collection and I'm kinda being picky right now but open to suggestions!


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I don't have any Senks to offer, but have other mini's/hybrids to offer in exchange for Senk leaves.

We could do a leaf for leaf exchange.

Rob's Hummingbird
Rob's Bahama Mama- crown variegated
Rob's Slap Happy- variegated

Lamb's Ear
Teen Chatter (hard to find)
Teen Thunder (hard to find)

Chanta Spring- Micro mini/yellow bell, trailing hybrid

Genetic blush (mosaic foliage, Smith)
Ivy Joy (Pittman) vintage 1981

Foster trail (mines growing very tiny)

Bluetail Fly (wasp)

Kid Karla (variegated)

Let me know if your interested in trading.


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I sent you an email on trade! Sorry I didn't post back sooner but I didn't receive my replies to my post!

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I didn't receive any email yet from you. Please resend it.
I would love to trade!


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Please email me with your plant names. If you have 12, we probably have the same ones! There aren't that many Senk varieties. tish

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