HAVE: baby plants of Kermit, Blue Dragon &Rebel's Night Breezes

AnneCecilia z5 MIJune 24, 2011

I just can't bear to not pot up all the babies that result from the leaves I order but with limited space, there are too many to keep! I'm just starting out with named varieties so if you have something to trade, more than likely I don't have it yet and would love to exchange. Email me if you'd like to trade for a baby plant of Kermit, Blue Dragon or Rebel's Night Breezes. I have several of each.

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Hi! I am also just starting out with AVs, I have an order of 25 different leaves arriving this week. I am also in Michigan- outside GR. I'm not into mailing, but if you are close, I have an extensive perennial garden that you might like something from, I have some divisions of orchids I grow, or -some of the leaves I am getting might be in twos. I could give you the extra. Let me know if this tickles your fancy.

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AnneCecilia z5 MI

Sorry we aren't close enough to make an in-person trade, Lisa. I am way up north near Petoskey and never get down to the G.R. area. If you change your mind about mailing, let me know.

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sending you an e-mail

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I would love to make a trade...I have two different AV leaves I could send. One is "Iceburg" and the other is unknown but purple in color. Please let me know if interested before the weather gets too cold. Thanks

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AnneCecilia z5 MI

Well, I've sent off the extra babies to new homes long ago .

However, I DO have some new leaves that I ordered recently that I've put down, and am hoping for little mouse ears someday soon. I'll post my new list when I have a new crop of baby extras to share, but I won't be able to ship any of those until spring. Our nights are already down into the 20's. :-(

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