WANTED: Photos and Questions

cajunkisses2007July 4, 2007

Hi all you AVG lovers. I have a few photos and questions for your expert opinions. Photos are clickable to get larger view.

First one is a noid I rescued from a girl that had it in a windowless dark room with only a shop light hanging above it. The crown on it is VERY tight and the leaves hard. I have it sitting in an east window now and finally see a few buds starting to peek through. Is there anything you suggest I can do for it?

Second, here is a pic of my first babies :D My question is, should I cut the mother leaf free now and leave them to grow in those pots (yogurt cups) or should I repot them on wicks? Is it too soon to repot or should I wait? Okay guess that was more than one question sorry LOL.

Thirdly, these are some tiny trailers a kind person sent me. They are growing now in small dixie cups. Do I repot them on a wick in a pot one size up now?

Ok that's it for this post. Sorry to get long winded. I'll post more in another one. :) Thanks for your tips and opinions.

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Sorry posted in the wrong part of the forum, dumb blonde! LOL

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whisst(zone 5)

hiya about the babies, as soon as you get some definate baby leaves very carefully pull up the plant and see if the leaves have roots. If they do repot them in their own pot and take the mama leaf and try it all over again. If your lucky she might give you more babies! good luck! I also would like to know what you would like in trade for a couple of leaves of the mystery plant! Please email me with information.
thanks whisst

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Thanks for you comment on the babies. On one of them I have just cut the leaf off close to the bottom but left the babies attatched. Is that okay to do? Or should I wait till they are bigger and remove the remainder of the stem?

Sent you an email on the trade.

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