HAVE: named rooted leaves with babies

grubworm(z6KY)July 30, 2006

I have the following rooted leaves. They are starting to grow babies at the base. I'd like to send all of them in one trade. I am interested in begonias (especially canes), hoyas, and episcias.

Rob's Temptress

Ness' Angel Blush

Optimara Ever Grace

China Pink- small plant in 2" pot

Ness' Ruffled Skies- small plant in 2" pot

Apache Warrior

Nortex Snowkist Haven

Fairy Fountain

Ma's Midland Fantasy

Please post here and make sure your email is not blocked.

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i do not have any begonias, hoyas, or episcias. =( is there anything else on my list that you would be interested in?
email: rachey528@yahoo.com

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Have you traded your leaves/plants yet? I've been looking for some of those that are on your list and would love to have them all. I have some episcia's I could trade. Thanks, tish tishscout@yahoo.com

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Thanks to all who expressed an interest in the leaves. They have been traded.

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