WANTED: Mini Trailers

Tavimh(5)July 2, 2014

I have very limited space, but I'm hoping to trade for cuttings from a couple of mini trailers. I'm especially looking for Rob's Vanilla Trail and Rob's Wagga Wagga. I included a list of varieties on my wish list, but if a variety trails nice I may be interested!

I have cuttings from:

Mini - Rob's Penny Ante (rooted)
Mini - Chantaspring (rooted w/ babies)
Mini - Rob's Cool Fruit (rooted w/ babies)
Mini trailer - Rob's Lilli Pilli
Standard - Emerald Love (from Emerald City Chimera)
Streptocarpus - Keigetsu (rooted)
Streptocarpus - Bristols Bluebird (rooted)
Streptocarpus - Heartland's Snow Bunny
Streptocarpus - Bristols Frazzle Dazzle
Hoya Lacunosa (rooted)
Hoya Carnosa (plain green) (small plant)
xCodonantanthus Vista

I'd like to trade for any cuttings of these:

Rob's Vanilla Trail
Rob's Wagga Wagga
Saintpaulia grotei silvert clone

I'm also looking for:

Rob's Cotton Ball
Concord (chimera)
LE Skarlett
Garnet Halo

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I do not have any trailers; however, I would love to trade with you! :)

(At the moment) I have these available:

Green Dragon (Big plantlet)
Thunder Surprise (rooted baby)
Mac's Circus Clown (baby)
Rebel's Splatter Kake (leaves)
Snow Jewel (leaves)
Mickey Mouse (leaves)
Rob's Twinkle Pink (leaves)

Would you be willing to trade me Chantaspring, Rob's Penny Ante, and Rob's Cool Fruit for a couple of what I have listed? These are varieties I would love to have!
Thank you,

Maya :)

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Sure, I can get those ready to go out early next week (since we don't want them spending the weekend at the post office). Could I have Thunder Surprise, Rebel's Splatter Kake, and Mac's Circus Clown in return?

Please PM me your address


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That sounds great! :) Thank you!
I have sent you an email with all of the details


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