HAVE: have leaves to get rid of!!!!!

rachel528July 17, 2006

i have several different variety of av leaves to get rid of!!!

Ultra violet Sunburst, Ultra violet flash, Ultra violet saturn, Ultra violet sparkle, Optimara Cora raphsody, Optimara Susi, Optimara Millenia, Optimara securai (i don't think this one is registered; very pretty though), Little blackfoot girl, little creek girl, little seneca girl or little chickasaw girl (?), little arapahoe girl, optimara da vinci, optimara suerat, tamires, bia and a few unknowns if interested. A few of these are not registered but they are still very pretty!! also have some unnamed babies to get rid of!!!! i'd really like a micro av but will take almost anything for trade!!!



i would like any other av leaves for trade. im not too picky.

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monkychia(z9 CA)

Hi Rachel,
I would love to trade. You have all the ones that I don't have. I will email you with my list. Let me know!!!

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I dont have any violets to trade but i would love to get some leaves from you. I have always loved them but just havent gotten into them yet. I have named daylilies, irises, rudbeckia, chives, hostas, and magnetic mail box covers that have cute little flower motiffs.
let me know if we can trade.

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rachel,just saw your post on av's,would love to trade.i don't have any av's but do have other things, are you wantin just inside plants? i have hoyas, hindo rope , solid grn. spider plants,white on edges.spider plants plumeria seeds, or for outside,i have confederate rose seeds[hibiscus],rosemary,large purple jew,jujuba tree seedlings. i can mix & match even.i really do want some av's.thanks ahead,molly plmk mp

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rachel, silly me, i meant to ask about your christmas rose &fairy rose. thanks again,molly

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I just saw your posting. I don't have any leaves to trade, but would love to see if maybe you would swap for anything on my available listings.

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Michelle and ginny, i've emailed both of you. I just wanted to let you know in case you didn't receive it or something!

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Do you still have misc. named leaves? I am interested. Just starting an AV collection, but I have lots of seeds and bulbs to trade....iris, tulip, flower seeds etc.

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Hi, I have two african violets that someone gave me. I don't know their name but I can take a picture of them. They have bloomed for me for about 6 months now so I can get a good picture of both flowers. When she gave them to me they were small plantlets and yellow. I had to ask what they were since they didn't even look like they were supposed to look.

I also have a variegated hibiscus with red flowers I can take a cutting from if you are interested. It is called Snow Queen.


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