WANTED: wanted: quite riot plant...please!!!!!

floridabear(10b)July 7, 2007

IF my posting of what happened to me on EBay has not been erased yet. I finally had a BIG Quite Riot. I bought a BIG one..not a little Solo cup starter sized one. But it arrived dead. SO...does anyone have a BIG one..or one that is blooming size??? And want to trade or sell it?? I want one so badly,I have paid for 7 so far. I have 0 now. They have all been starter sized little ones, till this last BIG one, that arrived dead! All I want is 1 Quite Riot. I thought I was finally getting a big blooming one for only $2.99, and all I got was 'the shaft'! So..does anyone have one to sell or trade or something? I want one so badly. PLEASE!!!!!

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Where have you bought 7 quiet riots that didnt live? Some plants I've bought off ebay were great and others not so great, but I've never had a disaster. Its hard to justify spending that much on postage for a dead plant isn't it? I'm sorry that happened.

Did you try Rob's Violet Barn. They have quiet riot listed in their discriptions. If you explain your problem getting a nice quiet riot plant, maybe they could send you a bigger one in bloom.

Good luck with your quest. It is a pretty flower. Sorry I can't help. tish

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I have bought them all on EBay from different sellers. They have all died within months of geting them. Then this last one was HUGE and is bloom and looked wonderful in the auction. What I got was a moldy dead mess,by the time it got to me. It was sent by priority mail...but it took over 5 days to get here. So it arrived 'cooked' and dead. And the seller refused to replace the Quite Riot...I was willing to loose the money of the other 2 violets..but she wasnt willing to compomise. And told me "to bad,I dont guarentee plants in the mail". 'Thats why the post office wont insure the boxes of violets.' That was her response. So she got her money and I got a box of dead violets. Including my first BIG Quite Riot. They tend to get mites within months of me getting them. Yet I dont have mites BEFORE I get the violet. And it always seems to happen to Quite Riot.

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Do you have a internet address for Rod Violet Barn? I cant find it anywhere.

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