WANTED: Trying to Build Up My Collection

TeaZing(PA 19064)August 25, 2005

Hi: I have only baby plantlets at this time, as I am just getting back into AV's. Here is my list and I hope to have some leaves for Spring/Summer 2006 trade.

Alamo Stranger

Apache Primrose

Lemon Drop

Mint Condition

Ness' Orange Pekoe

Organdy Trinket


Pink Lady

Pretty Poison

Rob's Mad Cat

Rob's Perfect Peach

Southern Delight

Thunder Surprise

Wild Irish Rose

Leaves will be available in the spring .. I know that is quite awhile away, but got to let the little guys grow up some and need some warm weather to mail.

Now this is what I have down. It is long!! With more coming in a few weeks. Hopefully I will have leaves from these ready for 2006 trade.. maybe a few babies too!!

Alamo Luster

Apache Sunburst

Best Friends

Blue Dragon

Bob Serbin

Boogie Nights

Bridal Lace

Bright Dancer

Buckeye Bouquet

Buckeye Bravado

Buckeye Candy Kisses

Buckeye Everlasting

Buckeye Fiesta

Buckeye Irish Lace

Buckeye Lavender Genstone

Buffalo Hunt

Cherry Vanilla

Christmas Glitter

Cool Mint

Country Cider

Decelles' Cosmos


Frosty Spring

Garden Party

Green Ice

Green Lace

Green Machine

Ice Strom

Irish Angel

Irish Castles

Irish Flirt

Irish Maiden

Irish Sprite

Irish Sweeps


Looking Glass

Ness Fantasy Gold

Peppermint Doll

Pink Lady

Rob's Argyle Socks

Rob's Loose Goose

Rob's Outer Orbit

Rob's Smarty Pants

Rob's Toorooka

Rob's Whoa Nellie

Rosie Ruffles

Royal Child

Sassy Sister

Sky and Snow

Sugar Foot

Whiff O' Green

WHEW!!! Dang I did not realize I had so many.. most of them are at least 2 - 4 leaves down of each variety, so I hope to have lots of plantlets/babies to trade. But it will be Spring/Summer of 2006.

I will be adding more leaves and plants, weather permitting.

Hopefully one day I will create a want list for myself.. but right now I am new and do not want to abuse this forum.

I love the ones with heavy green edges.. but do love the fancy frills, fringe and ruffled ones of all colors.

Thanks for reading,


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TeaZing(PA 19064)

I will be glad to take some orders for leaves from what I have or if you are willing to wait, I can send you leaves from some of the babies. If you have some outstanding and very unusal named violets, I will be glad to trade 2 leaves for 2 leaves... minimium 20 leaves as shipping priority is not worth sending less. My email is teazingg@aol.com. Maybe I should list some of my wants and if you would send me your want list from my list, I keep good records, I will keep it for the shipping of leaves for next spring/summer. I will be adding more violet names as time goes by of what I have to offer. Already today I have 8 more, but will wait to list them when I have about 20 or more new ones. In my next message I will list my wants. If you see anything that interest you in my list just let me know and I will put you on a list.. it is a first come first serve, so send me a list of what you have to offer and then we can start our list between each other!!

Thanks for understanding my situation about not having any leaves to share for now.. but come spring/summer 2006, I will have lots to share!!


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