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Campanula UK Z8June 9, 2014

Usually, I am quick to blame myself when a rose looks a bit rubbish - I know full well my own failings (inconsistent, unobservant, lazy) so, unsurprisingly, the plants usually reflect the care (or lack of it) they get (or not)........but sometimes, there is just no excuse, the damn thing really is rubbish....and annoyingly, it often seems that these roses are favourites.
Sweet Pretty, aka The Charlatan - I had such high hopes for this little single rose. True, it does not fall prey to BS like some of its relatives and lookalikes (Dainty Bess, Mrs O.Fisher)....but really, it is almost leafless right now...and any remaining leaves are glued to the stem by mildew. Mutabilis (I can hear the gasps) is another. I had thought to disguise it's China twigginess by surrounding it with airy perennials. Oh no.....Mutabilis does not want to share. I am not, though, putting up with any rose which goes into a major sulk because they do not have a pristine square metre to themselves.
Even worse, I am seriously disenchanted with Eyes for You. 'Does it grow'? asked Roseseek. Well yes, it does, with that horrible Rhapsody in Blue gawkiness and angular graceless shape - long, stiffly upright canes with heads of blooms which shatter at a breath and are lacking in leafage. Despair.....but this is being exiled to a backstage corner somewhere it can peek above more mannerly plants.
And for once, I have broken my usual habit of hanging onto things far beyond reason.......off to the compost, these days, at the flick of a spade.

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seil zone 6b MI

Lol, good for you! You shouldn't have to keep any rose you don't like just because it insists on staying alive against all odds. Off with their heads! Send them to the guillotine! Life is short, eat dessert first!

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

Since seil's answer is perfect I really can't do much except to agree wholeheartedly. Roses are here to please us, not the other way around. If they fail to do that, what's the point? If discarding roses were a crime, I'd never see anything but prison bars for the rest of my life!


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You need plants that make you feel glad to look at. Life is hard enough. Can't wait to see pictures of the wood next year with all the little flowers you worked hard to plant. Go easy on yourself and only have plants that make you happy.

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