WANTED: Fall Round Robin plans..

debbya_gw(z4IL)August 4, 2013

How's your temps? Lately Illinois temps are perfect for a round robin. 70's daily, 60's night. This summer has been unusually cool...

I've already signed up for a Fall/RR (brat pack) so it's time to set up our Fall RR!
Let's get a few opinions on weather... And go from there.

I'm excited about trading again! Are you?
Should we do a total violet leaf/plantlet robin? Or a mixed primulina,
Streptocarpella, kohleria mix? Any 'Gessie' goes in mix of cuttings? Should we do one box? Or two? More to go around- lol! Let me know your thoughts.. Suggestions.


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I'm ready but latter in Sept. It's still kinda warm here. I'll be up north from 9/19 thru 9/26, so you can put me somewhere after that. It should work out good for me. Any gessie would be good.

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We've been lucky too with a cooler than normal late July, only in the 80s but it's supposed to be back around 90 next week... I think by September it will be good!

Maybe we could do one AV only box and one mixed box and people could sign up for one or both...? I only have AV's and would be happy to start an AV only box but what are other people's ideas?


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suecirish(6 SE MA)

It is still a little warm here right now, but by September it should be perfect weather. I will go along with whatever the group prefers, but I only grow violets and really am not interested at this point in other gessies. I wouldn't be able to contribute any.

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Louise.. Thanks for offering to start the av 'only' box. We will go with that..
I'm trying to get a little interest in our Fall swap going. ;) Hopefully we get a lot more people interested in joining. If not, we could still do the swap with the few that are interested. I'm sure by the time the box goes around- all new stuff would be in it by the time it came back!


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I'm going to start a new thread for sign ups for an AV only round robin. Looking forward to fall trading!!


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