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TeaZing(PA 19064)September 19, 2005

I have taken some time to put my updated list in my page. Not all of what I have is there, but it takes so long to update. I will continue to update it as the months go by. So check back to see if there is something you want to trade in the spring. Right now I have babies from Ness' Orange Pekoe coming up.. and suckers on Organdy Trinket, Mint Condition, Ozio, Pink Lady, Rhap. Rebecca, Optimara West Virgina (the pic on AVSA photo page does not do it justice, go to Optimara site for pic) and Rosie Ruffles.

I will trade leaves for leaves or babies for babies.. to make it cost effective.. 20 leaves for 20 leaves.. 4 babies for 4 babies. Should only cost about $4.50 Priority mail for either. Not sure, just guesstimating based on what I have received. It might be less. But each of us will just pay for the cost of shipping no matter what it will be to the new owner.

Send me your list of what you will have available in the spring and I can reserve leaves or plants just for YOU!!

My email is available to any registered member of this forum.


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