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TeaZing(PA 19064)September 19, 2005

I raise Datil peppers.. that are rare .. only from the St. Augustine, Fl area.. I was born and raised in Florida and my father and I raised these for ourselves and friends.. when I moved to the Philly area, I brought 2 pods with me and now raise them up here.. I put them up in hot vinegar.. can not keep them.. they sell faster than I can put them up.. and I have 19 bushes!!.. The produce about 200-250 peppers per year (1 year old bushes). First year you will get about 75 - 100 per bush. I sell most of my seeds on Ebay $2.99 for 30.. but would be willing to trade seeds for AV's leaves.. Right now I have just let my bushes go to seed and they will not have viable seeds for about another month or so.

This pepper is known mostly in the St. Augustine area and is extremely popular there. Other than being hot, it has a GREAT taste.. which most hot peppers do not have. We use it in Salsa, salads, italian sauces and most anything you would like to have hot peppers on.

Go do a search and you will see exactly what I am talking about. They are goooooooooooood!! I use the vinegar on my cabbage and vegetables. They are hot, but not as hot as some of the hottest peppers. They make wonderful Christmas gifts.. I give them out to members of our family with decorated jars.

If you are interested, just email me and we can do some excanges. Just remember, I have to let these peppers pods ripen before I can send any seeds to YOU!!


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would you be interested in trading the datil pepper seeds for pregnant onion??? i have lots & lots of preg.onion, babies & seeds?? PLEASE let me know.

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TeaZing(PA 19064)

Jeanne.. I appreciate the offer, but onions just are not me.. I am more into unusual blooming plants.. do you have any iris', frilly tulips, or AV's..

Thanks for asking

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chiefmom4(7a-b N.GA)

TeaZing, don't let the name fool you. pregnant onions are unusual and they do bloom. if you change your mind. let me know. I bid on datil seeds earlier today. I have a Mexican daughterinlaw and a husband & sons who LOVE hot peppers. hope to "fix their wagon" with datils. (p.s. we lived in Jax for 20 yrs.

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