have: av's and others to trade for anything

kaitifer(7)September 16, 2007

I have some violets, not unnamed, but unidentified to me (two are both Optimara varities, and I'm sure the trained eye could identify them-- I plan to have my AV club friend help me identify them when she isn't so busy), and two other violets that are absoloutely gorgeous and most-likely named-- but also unknown to me. (Pictures/descriptions available upon request.)

I am trying to find a large enough pallete of plants to begin hybridizing. I love collecting plants, and want to try and breed my own varities, hence why I am open to trading anything--named or unnammed varities of African Violets, Streptocarpus, Begonias, Hoya, or just about anything else that you might be willing to trade.

I also have cuttings of Cactus, pothos, philodendrons, some plantlets of peace lilies, and chocolate mint that I could trade.

I will accept leaves, plantlets, seed cases, ect. You name it, I bet we can make a deal.

However, I'm only home on the weekends, because I go to a residential high school during the week, so whatever plants I do not have in my dorm I will have to wait and ship on the weekends.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me!

I'd love to make a trade.


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No takers?

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i'm game !! email me for a trade if you are interested. i have 4 kinds of begonias cuttings i can send, baby mother of thousands plants, 4 kinds of spider plants i can send mature plants of some and babies of others, i also have a huge philo i can send a rooted peice of......and probably more. email me pssedg@peoplepc.com

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email me personally I am very interested maybe we can deal or trade goodylady3@yahoo.com
I have some cacti and succulent and some other cuttings for trade

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I have lots to trade for the av's phiolo heart leaf green and brazil,spider plant,wandering jew, begonias and string of pearl .

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