HAVE: I have to many violets!!!

rachelcharlieSeptember 16, 2007

Hello everyone! It has happened. I donÂt have any more room right now and I have more violet leaves on the way. I am working on building more shelves but I am afraid that the new leaves will arrive before I am finished.

When I first started collecting violets I was so excited about how easy they started that I made doubles of all the ones I bought. Now I need room and I am hoping to get rid of some of the doubles. Some are named and some are not. Some are flowering and some are not. But they are all beautiful! Most are in 2.5 inch to 3.5 inch pots. I would also throw in some of the named leaves I have because why not!?

I would be willing to trade for more named leaves because soon I will have more room or I would take postage. Or offer what you have and we can go from there if you are interested.

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I am interested in a trade please look at my list and let me know if there is anything that you would like in trade. Thanks so much


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I'd love to have some of your african violets/leaves. The only 2 african violets that I have don't have names. I picked them up at Walmart. There isn't any stores near me that have african violets except for Walmart the grocery store and they aren't named. When I bought them they didn't have flowers so I don't know what color they are but they look very healthy. I'am anxiously awaiting blooms!!!
So... I guess you know how excited I'd be if they had a name and what color they were going to be and I'd welcome anything you can share with me for postage. Just let me know. I'm new at this and don't know where to search for pictures to make a want list, I'm not picky, just would love to have some. I work as a secretary at a school and would like one for my desk too. Thought maybe I could find some some ones but haven't had any luck. Let me know, send me an email if that's okey.
Thanks a bunch

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Thanks everyone! I found someone to trade with. But Im sure soon I will have to many again becuase I have so many leaves on their way that my plant shelf that is not even finished yet will be full soon!! I will keep you posted!

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lets trade or i'll send postage look at my list.

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