WANTED: Buckley's Spoon

christy2828(8a)December 7, 2006

Oops, I posted this in the wrong forum :) Here I go again!

I'd love one of these :) What can I say, Britta's was gorgeous!! I have suckers growing on my Red Bandito, Whirligig Star, ACA's Summer Parfait and Starlette (plus, a leaf with babies). I also am propagating leaves of Deadly Sting, and Vince's choice, as well as successful babies of Starlette. I've never traded AV's, so I could use some advice, but I have received a few plants by mail. Let me know!! Thanks, Christy

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Hi Christy,
and thanks for the compliment. I currently have a sucker growing on my Buckey's Spoon, and also have a rooted leaf. I've never shipped before, but would be more than willing to get you a baby when they are big enough in spring. I have none of the AV's you mentioned, so we can figure something out if you'd like.
Drop me an email!

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Hey Britta! I returned your email, did you get it?

Here it is:

Thanks Britta!! I would love to trade with you! I saw your picture of it a few months ago, and really liked it. I kept an eye out for it on ebay, but haven't seen it, so I thought I'd offer a trade! I'm letting the suckers grow some more, I've never attempted to remove one, but I don't think I'll have a problem. I've read Rachel's Reflections, and refer to it often :) Which of my AV's are you interested in? I'm pretty sure that I have pictures of what they'e supposed to look like blooming. I have finally gotten the fertilizer right, and mine should be blooming soon!! Let me know! Thanks, Christy

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