My meanger cllection

fawnee0214(9)March 31, 2012

This is my first photo posting so excuse and errors...

My Variagation one... Called Yul's Paradise but not registered. When I saw some in a plant sale, the leaves were curly like holly. Mine obviously aren't doing that. Thank goodness... I think that's ugly...

The white NOID I got at a funeral. My first one. Poor thing was planted in all peat with moss over the top. Had to share the pot with palm and draceana too. It's mad at me for that I guess. It never blooms. When it feels like doing that, I sends two bloomstalks, each eith two buds... At the foliage is pretty...

My current favorite. Until the next one blooms... Silverglade Shadows.

Poor thing now has rot. I think it will be okay. I rerooted the crown. Or rather, I am in that process. Pretty flowers, I hope it makes it.

Usually this one gets bigger blooms, but I need to ferilize more. The blooms aren't usually that red either. They have more white in them. Optimara Milennia.

This one also has small blooms this cycle. Optimara Maui.

Ode to Beauty. Pretty blooms.

Ma's Melody Girl. I love the girl foliage! The flowers, just taking a break now, look really nice with the leaves.

It's leggy I know. I bought it like that. All the growth in the middle has grown since arriving at my house. It hasn't bloomed yet. I don't know what the blooms with be like... And so the anticipation will kill me. Harmony's Frilly Girl.

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Awwhhh.. It didn't work... here's the link to the album. It's easier to see them there then putting all the links in the browser.

Here is a link that might be useful: My AVs

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suecirish(6 SE MA)

Your photos are lovely fawnee, and you have some very nice and healthy looking plants. Good work!

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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)


Nothing meager about your collection; it's lovely.

To put photos directly into a post from PhotoBucket:

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2. When new screen appears clink on "Get link code"
3. Check the box "Full size" under HTML for websites & blogs
4. Hit "save"

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When you get to the "Preview Message" page, your photo will show up.

Good luck!


The sorely missed trailer, "Nancy Hayes."

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Okay, trial run here...

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