Wouldn't you know it....

AnneCecilia z5 MIMarch 12, 2012

I started a leaf from Blue Dragon and had lots of little plantlets - many of which I gave away, keeping the two sturdiest plants for myself. As they grew, one plant's leaves started doing a sort of curl to the edges, taking on a "holly" appearance. When they both bloomed it was obvious that one had come true to the variety and one was not. Wouldn't you know it that the "real" Blue Dragon" got crown rot and died on me - the survivor is the imposter BD (the one on the right.) Guess I need to get another leaf and start over! (You can be sure I learned my lesson. I'll never give away any back up plants until I've seen all the blooms and know for sure I've got the real McCoy!)

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bunnycat(z6 NY)

Annececelia...you will probably get more comments if you post again on the discussion side. The "gallery" is a pretty sleepy area.

But....I was really pleased to see your post. Several months ago I bought a Blue Dragon. While looking at examples and descriptions on various sites, I realized my leaves are "wrong"...even more so than yours. I would describe mine as quite ruffley. It wasn't quite so obvious when I bought it, but they are getting much more ruffled as time goes on. The new blooms are about to open, so I may have another surprise. I'm guessing there is a very large plant with ruffled leaves in its genetic background. I was beginning to think mine was mismarked (have had that happen too).

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AnneCecilia z5 MI

Well, Bunnycat, you DID ask for people to post over here. I know this side is pretty sleepy. Wish we could wake it up!
When I saw your request for someone, anyone to post some photo in the gallery, I went to my albums. I had lots of NOID photos, but few of named varieties as I just in the last year started ordering the leaves on line (after I found AV forums - go figure!) Anyway, I thought the Blue Dragon comparison was interesting. Glad to know I'm not alone in growing a Blue Dragon that really isn't. :-)

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bunnycat(z6 NY)

Ah yes. People post pictures of their problem violets on the other side, but rarely of the many beauties in their humongous collections. I can't figure it out. There are other gardenweb forums that are absolutely loaded with photos (hostas and daylilies come to mind). That just doesn't happen with AVs. Almost like it is discouraged. They can't ALL be disbudding for upcoming shows.

here's my little Eternal Orbit:

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AnneCecilia z5 MI

OOh! That's a beauty and those colors really make me think of Easter. :-)

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