Misbehavin' seedling

greenthumbgardenerJune 12, 2008

This is a seedling that I was out-voted on. My wife wouldn't let me throw it away.. I hate when she is around when I try to cull my seedlings. If she had her way, I wouldn't have any more room to continue my hobby. It is kind of growing on me, though, even if it will not behave and grow like I want it to.

Image link:

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irina_co(z5 CO)

What an armful of blooms! Is it a trailer?


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If I had to choose a classification for it,I think that's what I'd call it. One of the grandparent's was a semi-miniature that tended to trail, but that trait never showed up until this bugger came along. Of course, I only keep about One or two seedlings out of each batch, so maybe it showed up, and I threw out the seedling before it fully developed.

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Wow, that's the funnest plant I've seen in quite a while! I'm glad you kept it, looking at the picture made me smile!

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Bill -

The leaves look like trailer's to me. They are skinnier and softer than the single crown plant leaves. Looks like there is more than saintpaulia ionantha in a pedigree (who knows what is in our pedigree 10 generations back - and 30 generations back - we all are relatives ;-)).

And - why you kept only 1-2 seedlings? It should be really interesting to see more...

Thank you - it is really a cheerful guy to look at. May be pain in you know what to shape...

I cannot shape Candy Fountain - it always has a main crown and suckers to me, never 3 crowns. And if I top it - it dies.

Thanks again - really made a Friday go faster!


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korina(9b, Sunset 17)

::blink:: Hunh.

And *why*, exactly, would you want to 'get rid of' (ie maim, murder, destroy) this gorgeous trailer? Granted, all the flowers on one - side? peduncle? is different... um, is that usual?



PS And *why* exactly, do you throw away perfectly good, if uninteresting (to you), plants? New homes could include: schools for class projects, nursing facilities for lonely, bored residents, your local club for beginners to practice on...

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I should have explained myself better as to how I cull my seedlings. I usually only keep about a dozen seedlings, because I also have many other plants . I give away all I can before I throw away the remainder. I also advertise on craigslist to give them away free for local pick up. One time, I gave over a hundred of them to my church, when my wife was helping to run a flea market there.

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Do you have any seedlings that you would like to give away now? I am new to AV and would love to have anything you have extra of right now.
I could provide postage.

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