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bloodyfrancoisJuly 18, 2014

Joanne- This is my Mac's Incredible Infrared looked like.

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Wow ... that's a nice saturated red ...

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Hi, Kai,
Yes, agreed, a nice, saturated red.
There is nothing quite as dramatic as a deep red. Is that a semi-mini or a small standard? I will look for that one. Macs are hard to find. Lyon's has a mini or a semi-mini of Mac's, but not that one.

The way I first discovered this Forum years ago was when I was looking for reds. I made a list of what was listed and have been trying to collect what I could find.

You are right, the combination of light and fertilizer has to be just so to get them to bloom. Mine seem to bloom in late Fall, then at Christmas, and then all winter. I live in a place where there is still a lot of light during the winter. Many of my other violets also bloom more heavily at that a time of year, oddly, rather than in the summer.

I was going to post a photo of some of my reds, but none
are as vibrant as yours, and the photo is not as clear.

What other reds do you have?I have Midnight Sun,which is a coppery red, by Lyon's, Bob Serbin and Powwow by Lyon's, two of the Stork's, one variegated, Tomahawk and one regular, Arapahoe, another Lyon's that is variegated, and one Rob's mini, Love Bite. My favorite is Tomahawk and second favorite Midnight Sun. I have a baby started of Zoe.

I have grown many of the Optimara reds over the years, but they don't have the same vibrant pop in color that the specialty plants have. They tend to all look pretty much the same. So they end up being donated to my AV club, which sells a lot of reds at Christmas and Chinese New Year. The rest of the year, the Optimara reds do not sell at our club sales. They always seem to be the ones that are left over in the retail stores, too.

Thanks for posting, Joanne

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Joanne - I am sorry, I didn't come to this web quite a while. I have a few reds, I love Jolly Mars and Optimara Little Maya.
I love Mac's too, what are I have, they are not true red, but very brilliant coral-red- so fantastic.

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Thanks, Kai!

I will add those to my list for future shopping! I think coral red shows up better!


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