Little Ottawa Girl

aviolet6(7)November 16, 2012

Like this one.

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I've been on Facebook too much when I'm looking for the "Like" button for these pictures!

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Wow! So pretty and well grown.

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This is gorgeous. Now the question is where is it available? This one and little moonstone are absolutely beautiful.

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Thanks. I don't remember where I ordered the leaves from. It's an optimara variety but I checked the selective gardener site where those are sold and don't see it there. You could check eBay, or if you remind me I can send leaves in spring. I don't have extra leaves from it now, because like many of my plants it got too much light, lost some leaves, and stopped growing. Doing better now, but still small.

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perle_de_or(Zone 7)

I have one sending out some buds now. Its still a very young plant, so I already disbudded it once hoping for more growth. In fact, when my friend sent me the tiny plant a couple of months ago, it had a lot of buds even then. So, I think it will be a great bloomer.
I also love Little Moonstone but don't have one yet.

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If you check out Tina has about 6 of the small Optimara variety for sale now. You can get the leaves for $2.00 for 2 or bare root starter plant for $4.00 plus the shipping. She has Little Ottawa, Little Cheyenne Girl, Little Azurite, Little Amethyst and Little Ruby. She is just across the border in Canada but she brings them across and mails them . I have always been impressed by the plants she sends and she always has sent 4-5 extre leaves when I order. She sells on e-bay, but her other web sit is better a bigger selection and the shipping is cheaper

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