How to avoid mites

haxuan(Vietnam)January 31, 2008

Year before last some of my AVs got spider/clycamen (right words ?) mites and I had to throw them away.

I don't want the same thing happens again. So please, AV experts, help me to avoid this dreadful AV disease.

Thank you.

Xuan (from Vietnam)

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Mites are not a disease, they are bugs. They are related to spiders and therefore most insecticides wonÂt kill them. It takes a miticide to kill them and most of the miticides donÂt destroy the eggs. Mites are microscopic and nearly impossible to see with the naked eye. The beginning of a mite infestation is subtle and can mimic culture problems such as too much light, pH problem, or too much fertilizer.

I received some plants last fall that looked okay when I got them. I inspected each plant and carefully washed them with flea soap and water then rinsed. I watched the plants for a couple of months and they seemed fine. Then, one plant began to look sickly. Then gradually all the plants stopped growing and leaves began to yellow and turn under. Then the center leaves started to look pale and sickly. Eventually some center leaves died and others showed distorted growth. During this time I used a loupe and magnifying glass to try and see if there were any bugs on the leaves. I could not see anything. I bought a microscope and was able to immediately see them. By this time the plants looked awful. I purchased a miticide called AVID and am in the process of doing multiple dips. The plants started to look better immediately but I am still concerned that the mites will hatch out again later from eggs. In hindsight I wish I had purchased the more expensive miticide that will kill the eggs too. WeÂre talking $325 for 8 ounces of the stuff!

Now for the answer to your question. The only way to prevent getting mites in your collection of violets is by practicing isolation of all new plants and leaves for several months to insure that they are free of pests. If they show signs of pests, the easiest thing you can do is get rid of them. You can do some research on mites by searching for broad mite and cyclamen mite on google.

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Thank you, itsdeb. Your explanation is very helpful to me. It seemed I had similar symtoms last time. But I didn't purchase any new AVs during the period (AVs are not on sale in VN)... perhaps I got the mites from my original acquisition.
By the way, do you think keeping AVs well-ventilated would help prevent this pest?
Again, I appreciate your took time explaining things to me.


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Xuan - hi -

you could bring mites from outside on your clothes.
I do not know what plants carry mites in your environment - but here - spider mites live on roses, cyclamen mites are always on cyclamen - so it is a bad idea to buy these plants and bring in your collection - and on strawberries, besides a lot of other plants.

High humidity suppresses these pests, the plant has harder "skin" on the leaves and not that easy to puncture.

Good Luck


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Thank you Irina. I'll be extra careful every time from now on.


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Hi Xuan.
Here's a 3 word explaination on how to avoid mites.




Fred in NJ

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