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LindaJanuary 21, 2013

In reading through this African Violet forum, I see lots of discouraged newbies. My advice: don't let one or two, (or three or more), unsuccessful attempts at growing discourage you. Anyone who has been growing violets for any length of time has lost more violets than they care to think about. I have been growing for over forty years, have a bachelor's degree in Horticulture and am a professional landscaper and I still lose plants. (I have a Psychedelic Show that I am currently tearing my hair out over). As you gain experience, you will grow better and better and lose less and less. Fortunately, african violets are inexpensive and easy to propagate. (I also grow orchids-expensive and difficult-to- impossible to propagate and an average of seven years from sowing to bloom. IF they decide to bloom).
Remember-plants, like people, are individuals, even different plants of the same variety. Some are easy, some are difficult, some thrive, some die and some just sit there and defy you. It's all part of the adventure.
Hope this helps!


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Linda, thank you for the encouraging words!

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HI Linda, Did your Psychedelic Show ever improve for you since this posting? (I have not had success with chimeras.)
So instead, I have been trying out two-colors that are not chimeras.
I have Psychedelic Rose, a bi-color double, mid-tone violet alternating with a peachy pink. It looks good in its first blooming, although every blossom is different. Large,
showy blooms. Some are mostly purple, others, half
and half. The color is very rich, I like it better than
fantasies of similar colors because of the larger patches
of color. I got it from LLG.

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Linda, very incouraging words. Nicely said, it shows no matter how long or short we have being growing violets ALL of us have our bad days. I also realize most of us here grow orchids too myself included :). But persistance is key and if orchids teach anything its patience so its just a win some ,loose some situation. Thanks again VELLETA

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bragu_DSM 5

bump bump

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And bump some more.

And Psychedelic Show is still hanging in there.


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