Do flowers change color pattern?

BrunildaFl(9)January 14, 2014

My AV started to bloom mostly white with some light purple on the bottom of the flower. When I went to rotate it I noticed the flowers on the other side are white and purple bands instead. On my other AVs the flowers are always the same pattern on the plant. I like the new color but what makes them change?

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This is the other side of the plant.

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They do change, sometimes it's because of growing conditions (warm vs cool mostly) and sometimes a spontaneous genetic mutation (called "sporting").
I have one that bloomed all white on one side and purple on the other. And another that was pink with purple splatters, but had half purple flowers (literally like a line drawn through the middle of the blossom), full purple and chimera looking purple stripes - I disbudded them until a couple weeks ago, and am waiting on all of them (including suckers) to come into bloom again, just to see what they'll turn out to be this time :-)

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African violets have been hybridized extensively and sometimes this causes genetic instability. As Karin said, growing conditions will sometimes bring out recessive traits or cause mutations. Sometimes, when the conditions change again, as in summer to winter, the plant will revert back to its original blooming pattern, sometimes it won't. It's all part of the fun of growing AV's!

Your violet is lovely!


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I love this forum! I am always learning something new! Thank you!

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I have one that is Tailored US(so help me that was the name on it) It is a lovely rose ruffled one is summer. In the winter it puts on a white ruffle. One called Rocky Mountain was white with a rose border, now it is completely rose.Another called Toach was white with purple and maroon speckles, now its lavendar and white stripes like a chimera.

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